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Membership of the Baltic Air Charter Association hits record levels


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20th January 2015

Membership of the Baltic Air Charter Association hits record levels

Membership of the Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA) has reached the highest ever level with the total standing at 221 member companies. Throughout 2014 the membership has continued to grow reaching the current number in December 2014. What is even more remarkable is that this has taken place as the industry has gone through a number of challenging years that has seen mergers & acquisitions and a number of companies ceasing to trade, all of which have the potential to reduce membership levels.

BACA puts the increased membership down to the recognition of the policies the organisation has put in place regarding standards & best practice, broker recognition and training.  However there is still scope for the membership to increase, BACA is keen to welcome European and international brokers and operators in order to give them the strongest possible industry voice when lobbying governments and legislative organisations. The larger and more representative BACA’s membership, the stronger the voice.

Speaking about the increased level of membership BACA Chairman, Tony Coe said “It is very gratifying to see such excellent results with membership at an all-time high level. The BACA Council has worked hard to develop and deliver policies of relevance to members. During the last year we have also lobbied on a number of key issues such as APD and TOMS as well as endorsing the new ARGUS Certified Charter Broker program. With many positive indicators for 2015 I can assure BACA members, and potential members, that BACA will be working diligently to ensure that the organisation continues to represent the interests of our industry at all times.”

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