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The Association , founded in 1949, is the leading worldwide trade association for companies engaged in aircraft charter.

We promote the air charter industry and support our members interests through: compliance, best practice, training & careers, networking & events, lobbying and mediation.

Our primary aim is to maintain the highest standards of conduct in the air charter market, and to promote integrity and ethical business practices, so that members can deal with each other (and clients can deal with our members) with confidence. We have more than 430 member companies across the globe and work hard to deliver the best value to the membership which comprises air charter brokers, aircraft operators, airports, manufacturers and FBOs, consultants and closely connected suppliers working to support the industry. We represent the whole air charter market, from helicopters to light jets and long-range, transcontinental aircraft, to commercial passenger and cargo airliners.

In this modern age of technology, the Association strives to educate the travelling public in what represents a safe and legal charter. Flights are now so easily sourced but the Association will continue to work hard to ensure that public safety is not compromised.

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Air charter is a dynamic, growing business sector

Air Charter broking is a long-established profession that the Air Charter Association was formed around and is very proud to represent, promote, advocate, lobby for and monitor. Increased accessibility to air charter through new business models and technology developments means that service, trust, discretion, security, quality and compliance are now more relevant to the industry than ever.

Air charter provides opportunities for the next generation

Air charter is a fun, challenging and rewarding industry. There are a whole myriad of varied careers and opportunities for growth within companies manufacturing and operating charter aircraft, as well as in the air charter broking industry, service providers, maintenance, aircraft sales, airports and a whole host of others. Attracting the next generation to our industry is one of our Association’s main focuses.

Air Charter supports Innovation & Sustainability

The Air Charter sector has always supported the development of new aircraft technologies. It provides the opportunity for investment on the ground with the creation of new facilities to support regional growth, it uses aircraft which adopt the latest systems designed to reduce the impact we have on the environment through lower emissions and lower fuel burns and in the near future zero emission aircraft. We actively support the development of eVTOL and drone technology, recognising the part it will play in the future of freight and passenger transport.

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