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Our Charities

Our Charities


Most of our members will be familiar with fly2help but in recent years, thanks to the generosity of our members, we have helped not only by raising a fantastic sum of more than £30,000 but we have also raised the profile of the charity.  Through the excellent networking of the association and members at our events, the charity has widened its database of contacts and found new airports at which to host its events.

“We ran our first Air Smiles Day at Southampton with the help of Signature Flight Support. This day was funded by the amount raised by the association this year and our hosting via Signature was made possible by the networking we’d been able to do at the lunches. It’s brilliant that Air Smiles Days are reaching even more people across the UK, all with the help from your community.”

In supporting a charity such as fly2help, so relevant to our industry and members of the association, we are thrilled to be making a real difference.

About the charity:-

fly2help uses the power of flight to help people change their lives.

An aviation charity dedicated to raising the spirits of people, young and old, living in difficult situations, fly2help inspires young people as they consider their future.

The charity works with pilots, aircraft owners and aviation companies, as well as many volunteers and supporters, to run Air Smiles flight experience days and Aim High education programmes. fly2help Mission Statement

See this video of a recent Air Smiles day with Airbus


Lia's Wings Logo

The Association supports Lia’s wings in their work to transform lives through hospital air transfers for children.  Our donations are used for:

  • A full medical team to provide the acute care needed during a Lia’s Wings transfer. This team will include a neonatologist or a paediatrician, a flight nurse and a paramedic.
  • Flight training for 4 medical professionals that qualifies them to work on Lia’s Wings transfers.
  • 15 hours of family support both pre and post a Lia’s Wings transfer.
  • 15 X care packs for Mums who’s child needs a Lia’s Wings transfer. Our care packs include items such as a blanket, lip balm, tissues, hand cream, a hair band, a note pad and pen and a memory bag.
  • All single use medical equipment such as ECG dots, blood pressure cuffs and breathing masks needed for a Lia’s Wings transfer.

About the Charity:-

Lia’s Wings provides air transfers using aeroplanes to ensure that children can access the essential care and treatment they need, wherever they are in the UK.  Ensuring children can access the care they need.  NHS-led research published in January 2022 confirmed that around 100 children every year need a transfer to hospital by aeroplane. Our air transfer service is required when a transfer by NHS road ambulance or rotary air ambulance would either be impractical or inappropriate for the child.


Sky Angels Air Ambulance

The Association supports SkyAngels Air Ambulance, providing Patient Air Transfer Services.

Our donations can provide 1-3 flights within the UK and 1-2 flights within Europe or fund a contracted AW109 air ambulance helicopter for 24hrs, or one of our bespoke paramedic medical grab bags which cost between £1500 – £3500 fully kitted out or fund three defibrillators for FBOs.

About the Charity:-

SkyAngels Air Ambulance provide Patient Air Transfer Services [ PATS ] in the UK and Europe using charter aircraft and empty leg flights to move patients to hospital for important surgery and to get back home afterwards significantly reducing travel time at times when this makes a real difference.


The Association also supports Aviation Without Borders and international charity providing humanitarian support in Africa and support bringing young people into the aviation industry.  Last year our members donated to support AWB in their work.

“You can be assured it will be will be put to good use in our humanitarian aviation projects.  At the moment we are working in association with International Health Partners (IHP UK), the biggest distributor of donated medical supplies in Europe, to airfreight a large load of medicines to the Horn of Africa. The region is on the brink of famine and your donation will be a huge help.”

About the Charity:-

Aviation Without Borders uses its aviation expertise, contacts and partnerships to enable support for children and their families – at home and overseas.

We ship humanitarian air cargo overseas for UK charities active abroad, we help fly light aircraft in air support of other charities operating in Africa and at home we fly up to 500 deserving kids nationwide each year on a flight of their lives in small planes.

Our Mission: A charity dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance through aviation services irrespective of politics, religion, race or nationality.

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