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The Air Charter Safety Alliance

The Air Charter Safety Alliance

A global group of leading business aviation organisations formed to make a coordinated effort combating illegal on-demand charter flights.


The ACA has worked to bring together a global group of leading business aviation organisations to form a coordinated effort to combat illegal on-demand charter flights.


About the Air Charter Safety Alliance

The group, called the Air Charter Safety Alliance, will raise awareness of illegal charter flights among potential customers, charter brokers, ministries of transport, and national aviation authorities.

The coalition is already promoting best practices from the various associations, creating an online platform and has initiated an online educational campaign to make main stakeholders aware of the dangers of illegal charter.

The coalition will develop and promote several safety programs that assist on-demand charter operators while continuing to improve their already impressive safety performance. Industry-led programs focusing on Safety Management Systems, flight data recording and safety reporting, along with a focus on safety culture have aided in bringing greater value to state-approved charter operators. Creating more discerning customers, in addition to efforts that will help to identify illegal charters, will hopefully dissuade those seeking to compromise safety for profit.

The Air Charter Safety Alliance is a coalition of leading international aviation groups including:

Associação Brasileira de Aviação Geral (ABAG)

The Air Charter Association (ACA)

African Business Aviation Association (AfBAA)

Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA),

Business Aircraft Operators Association  (BAOA)

British Business & General Aviation Association (BBGA)

European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)

French Business Aviation Association (EBAA France)

International Business Aviation Council (IBAC)

Middle East & North Africa Business Aviation Association (MEBAA)

National Air Transportation Association (NATA)

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)


Download launch press release here.

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