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The ACA Training

The ACA Training

Training is the basis for professional standards and as an association we focus on this to ensure our members are developing knowledgeable and qualified aviation professionals.

The ACA has always placed training as the foundation for building knowledge and maintaining the standards that deliver the professional service clients expect. Our mission is to promote best practice and credibility to our member companies through continuous professional development training.

The Air Charter Broker Individual Qualification

As part of our commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards The ACA developed a standard Broker Qualification covering all the key knowledge and understanding needed by a competent and professional air charter broker.

Become a qualified Air Charter Broker

This qualification program takes new and experienced brokers through a range of topics to both build and refresh their knowledge.

The course is designed over 3 sections starting with foundation knowledge at Level 1, developing through understanding operational aspects and managing flights in Level 2 and on into Advanced broker skills at Level 3.  Each course is stand alone, although successfully completing Levels 1 and 2 is a pre-requisite for Level 3.

Each Level is completed with an assessment and successful students receive a course certificate at each stage.  Once all 3 Levels have been completed they will receive their full Broker Qualification certificate.

Association Members receive a subsidised rate for all courses.

Find out more…

To book on our next course* please email:

* please note that our training is currently only available for employees of member companies of The ACA.

Seminars & Conference Sessions

We regularly hold seminars on topical industry subjects.  These range from introducing new innovations and initiatives to technical workshops updating and building knowledge on areas of risk and industry regulations.

Examples are:

  • Is my flight legal – a Joint presentation with the UK CAA regarding Illegal Charters
  • EC261/2004: A guide to denied boarding regulations
  • Cyber crime, GDPR & managing Credit Card charges
  • Webinars with the DfT & UK CAA on EU-UK Operations


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