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Event Sustainability

Event Sustainability

The ACA is focused in supporting the Air Charter Industry in its drive to a sustainable future. As part of this we are ensuring our events are as sustainable as possible today.

The Air Charter Excellence Awards – A Sustainable Event

Good environmental conduct is no longer a ‘nice to have’ and for private charter to continue to thrive it’s becoming a business imperative to have sustainable initiatives in place.

There is now mass public awareness of the climate crisis and as a result we need to consider all our actions and how we can reduce our emissions and impact on the environment.

The Air Charter Excellence Awards is an important annual focal point for our industry but we want this to have a minimal environmental impact.

How are we making the Event Sustainable?

–   Our food for the event has been specifically selected from a Low Carbon Footprint Menu.   All being locally produced and sustainably grown to have a low carbon footprint.  Overall this significantly reduces the environmental impact.

–  All energy use, water use and waste produced in the hotel related to the event will be fully offset by purchasing carbon credits from a certified provider. View here for further details.

–  Within the ticket price 5% of the ticket cost of each delegate will be used as a contribution to offsetting the travel of delegates attending the event. Additionally our tickets are being managed by Ticket Tailor, who are a certified carbon neutral organisation.

–  Recyclable or reusable materials will be used wherever possible throughout the event.

There is always more we can do and we are committed to continual improvement to reduce the impact of our events.

Can you do more?

Yes! If you don’t already have a sustainability programme in your own company please set one up using our recommended Sustainability Partner 4Air.

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