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Sustainability & Innovation

Sustainability & Innovation

The Air Charter Association supports Aerospace & Aviation’s drive to sustainability, the development of new innovations.

Air Charter leads in sustainability

The Air Charter industry has lead the way in efforts to reduce environmental impacts and the introduction of new technology and is playing a key role in developing the path to reach ‘Net Zero’ in the wider aviation industry.  Carbon offsetting has been available for many years and our members provide schemes for travellers to more than fully offset the carbon emissions related to their flight.  Sustainable aviation fuels are being introduced at many regional airports to support the transfer to reduced emissions.  The development and introduction of clean electric and hybrid aircraft will be first adopted by smaller aircraft charter operations.

Air Charter supports innovation

The Air Charter sector has always supported the development of new aircraft technologies. It provides the opportunity for investment on the ground with the creation of new facilities to support regional growth, it uses aircraft which adopt the latest systems designed to reduce the impact we have on the environment through lower emissions and lower fuel burns. We actively support the development of hybri and electric aircraft, eVTOL and drone technology, recognising the important part they will play in the future of freight and passenger transport.

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