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Industry Consultation on Sustainability

Industry Consultation on Sustainability

The ACA launched an industry consultation in early 2022 to assess the awareness and position on the move towards sustainability. The results of the consultation highlight that more progress is needed but that the industry is already working hard on this important issue with 70% of the industry planning to be NetZero by 2032.

Do you feel that aviation targets of NET Zero by 2050 are achievable?

Is NetZero by 2050 achievable

When do you plan for your business to be NET Zero emissions?

Which of the following will be the most significant in aviation reaching its targets of NET Zero by 2050?



Do you offer clients the ability to offset emissions?

Do you offer clients an emissions offset scheme

Are your emissions offsets optional with Client ‘opt-in’?

Are your emissions offsets optional

Does your business offset more than the direct emissions produced?

Does you business offset more than just direct emissions

Would you welcome a vetted emissions offset scheme through The ACA?

Would you welcome a vetted offset scheme through The ACA

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