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The ACA Sustainability Commitment

The ACA Sustainability Commitment

The Air Charter Association committed to become a carbon neutral organisation by the end of 2024.

Our Actions

The ACA promotes industry best practice and we feel it is important that we set a strong example. With the help of 4AIR, our sustainability partner, we calculated our annual organisational carbon footprint (21mtCO2e) backdated to 2022, this has now been fully offset via our chosen sustainability projects detailed below.

In addition, we have calculated the CO2e impact generated by our events and have offset a combined total of 72.5mtCO2e to date. All our certificates are available to view below.


Our Sustainability Projects

The ACA has committed to three carbon offsetting projects to make up its sustainability portfolio. Of these, two are categorised as removal projects and one is an avoidance project. Carbon removal projects actively remove carbon, that has already been emitted into the atmosphere, whereas avoidance projects seek to prevent carbon being emitted in the first place.

All three of The ACA’s chosen sustainability projects have been sourced via 4AIR and as an organisation, we have determined to divide our total offsets equally between the three projects. Furthermore, given The ACA’s international membership we wanted to ensure that our chosen projects represent a diversity of regions. Our three chosen projects cover North America/Iceland, Turkey and the UK.

Running Tide’s Kelp Sequestration Project



Running Tide is building the most efficient carbon removal system in the world, by growing and sinking kelp forests off the coasts of Iceland and North America. Given the oceans make up 75% of the Earth’s surface, kelp sequestration is a highly scalable method of carbon removal and kelp is 20 times more effective at removing carbon from the atmosphere than land forests. The project relies on photosynthesis, ocean currents, and gravity to remove and store carbon in the deep ocean. Running Tide is partnered with leading research institutions such as the University of Cambridge and The Ocean Frontier Institute. For more details on the project view here.

The Corriechuillie Reforestation Project



Corriechuillie is a UK based woodland reforestation project located within the Cairngorms National Park. Accredited by the UK Carbon Code, the project will establish an area of native woodland for conservation and biodiversity. The project utilises low-grade agricultural land and converts it back into native woodland. Given The ACA’s UK origins we felt that it was important to include a local project within our portfolio, to support and promote sustainability at home. For more details on the project view here.

Duzova Wind Power Project



The Duzova wind power plant is a gold standard, renewable electricity generation project located within rural Turkey and as of 2024 has a capacity of 51.5MW, generating enough clean energy to power 38,697 homes. The project reduces dependence on fossil fuels in a clean, reliable and sustainable way, with respect to the social and environmental needs of the region. For more details on the project view here.



Our Sustainability Certificates

2024 Air Charter Spring Lunch (25mtCO2e).

2023 Air Charter Excellence Awards (26.5mtCO2e including 1.5mtCO2e offset by the venue)

2023 Executive Team Footprint & 2022/2023 Board Member Travel (14mtCO2e *Awaiting Certificate)

2022 Executive Team Footprint (7mtCO2e)

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