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8th October 2018

Member warning


At BACA we continue to receive an alarming number of reports from members of attempted (and some successful) cyber crimes.

Cyber crime is evolving all the time and new types of scam are constantly emerging. We urge you to be on your guard at all times and not to take financial risks.

We have recently been alerted by one of our operator members to a situation where a client booked a charter, followed by a “proof of payment” where a large overpayment had apparently been made, and a refund requested.  The operator could indeed see the payment pending on their bank account but funds had not cleared.

After requesting the refund for the over-paid sum, the client recalled the payment. Fortunately, the member acted with caution and on this occasion, did not transfer any funds before the payment had cleared. However, it was a lucky escape.

Another way cyber criminals might attempt to damage a business is to copy or infiltrate a company by sending emails written in such a way that they purport to be from known and legitimate brokers/operators, but which in fact are sent by third parties.

These emails will often be seeking a quotation for a charter, and may include an attachment.  We are also receiving many reports of emails being intercepted with alternate bank details being provided to customers.

BACA cannot stress enough how important it is to verify ALL bank account details prior to making EVERY payment, particularly if new bank information is provided by an existing supplier – pick up the telephone and verify the details before making your payment, using a number you know to be correct.

In short, do not take risks. Do not operate a flight without cleared funds, do not send money to a new account / supplier without verifying the details carefully.

It is ok to turn away business, particularly if something does not feel right.

Please feel free to contact us at if you would like to report a cyber attack or fraudulent activity, whether this is an attempted or successful crime.

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