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Jetex enhances FBO Services


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28th March 2014

Jetex enhances FBO Services

As traffic at DWC airport increases, Jetex is enhancing its FBO service offerings to meet the increased demand in anticipation of DXB’s planned closure in early May.

Dubai International Airport DXB will undergo heavy maintenance work on its two runways starting 1st of May, 2014. One runway will be closed for a few months, while the other will be closed for one hour every Sunday night.

The national carrier Emirates will ground 20 aircraft and most airlines will move their flights to Al Maktoum International (DWC). General Aviation (GA) flight operators will also use DWC during this period and it is expected that they will continue to do so even after work on DXB is completed.

By 2020, Al Maktoum International will be developed into a world-class airport and will accommodate most of the traffic as DXB will be unable to sustain the traffic growth in the area. Flight operators enjoy a more competitive edge at the new airport than currently is on offer in DXB. For instance, Jetex Flight Support has now VIP ramp transportation with a fleet of three 2014 Bentley Mulsannes. Passengers can enjoy the comfort these luxurious cars provide when being transported between the terminal and their aircraft.

On the platform, Jetex uses high-tech equipment including a remote control pushback96-hour visas can also be arranged at the company’s FBO. A recently signed agreement with Seawings allows Jetex to offer clients charter services via seaplane across the UAE. Passengers landing at DWC FBO in Al Maktoum will have the option of continuing their trip in one of the Cessna seaplanes. Ahmad Badreddine, FBO manager, explains: “This service adds value for our clients. If they have a connecting flight to catch at DXB, they can avoid traffic and be at the airport in just about 20mins door to door while enjoying a spectacular view of Dubai“. For passengers who have a booking in a hotel by the water edge, such as the Park Hyatt in Dubai Creek or the Atlantis in the Palm, the seaplane can bring them directly to their hotel. “This is a service that we offer throughout the country and not only in Dubai” Badreddine continues.

Bentleys, Cessna seaplanes and a whole new level of client support are just the beginning. As the company diversifies its services to gain competitive advantage, it will be interesting for operators to see what will come up next!

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