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Plea for help, for charity fly2help


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4th April 2020

Plea for help, for charity fly2help

* Update * the family and charity have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our members, in offering to support Laura with her flight(s).

However, a solution has now been found. fly2help has asked us to thank all who came forward with offers of support.

Dear Members,

Our charity, fly2help, has asked us to write to the membership with a special request.

In November 2019, fly2help supported Laura with an Air Smiles Day at Blackpool Airport – kindly hosted by Hangar Three. Laura is a 19 year-old girl from Lancashire who, very sadly, was diagnosed with numerous brain tumours – Stage 4 brain cancer known as Glioblastoma. Unfortunately, the condition is incurable and typically has a 12-18 month survival prognosis. The family are doing all they can to ‘make memories’ whilst they still have her.

Laura has to travel to Cologne every month to receive treatment, immunotherapy that the family has fundraised for which will, hopefully, extend her life. At the end of April, she needs to be in Cologne (from 20 – 27 April) for a dendritic cell vaccine. The Professor really wants her to make it, as it’s crucial she gets the treatment at the right time.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the family is unable to take its usual route of a commercial flight from Manchester to Düsseldorf, then a train to Cologne, as all the flights have been cancelled.

Taking public transport under the current circumstances, given Laura’s condition, would be very risky. They have considered driving, but have been advised it would be very difficult with the current border closures etc.

So, the charity has asked the Association to put a call out to members, to see if there is anyone who would be willing to help, by donating and operating such a flight.

It is a huge ask, especially in the current circumstances, but the charity must explore all options for the family. Laura sadly didn’t get her scheduled Air Smiles Day as the weather caved in, so this would act as her Air Smiles flight too – which would be pretty incredible.

If anyone can offer flights to Cologne – whether from Manchester or a little further afield, as the family can travel by car to another airport – please get in touch with us at

Many thanks in advance, on behalf of the Association and fly2help.

Kind regards
Kevin Ducksbury

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