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Escrow Services


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31st July 2014

Escrow Services

Several years ago BACA was asked by its members to assist them in securing their monies when dealing with Operators for various forms of chartering but mainly high worth chargers.  Ultimately BACA Escrow Services Ltd was formed in conjunction with RBS.

During its operation the membership has not used this facility to its full potential, and as a consequence the Council deemed it impractical and too expensive to continue its upkeep.

We have therefore decided to close this particular facility which was predominantly UK based and managed.

We have however reached an agreement with an experienced Escrow company in the USA called Shelby Financial Corp. who can offer the same facilities, and probably be more flexible than the current system.

If any member wishes to use an Escrow facility then please make contact with David Valpredo, full details of which are contained within the brochure attached.

BACA is not involved in any way financially or administratively.

Several of our members have already used this facility and have found it easy to use and extremely quick to set up.

Full details of the arrangement are on our website

BACA Escrow Service


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