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BACA Training Day proves to be the perfect start to a career in the Air Charter Industry


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15th May 2014

BACA Training Day proves to be the perfect start to a career in the Air Charter Industry

BACA training day 13.05.14

The Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA) recently held a training day for new and recent recruitments to the air charter industry. The event took place on the 13th May at the Baltic Exchange in London and gave a complete overview of how to put together a charter flight, from enquiry to after flight follow up.  Many of the attentive audience, including recent recruits and experienced charter brokers, were amazed to learn the sheer complexity of what is required in creating the perfect, client oriented flight. There were presentations on everything from the legal requirements of a flight and how many regulations the Operator must conform to, contracting correctly with client, the important role of the FBO, and the daily routine of the flight crew.

As the training was about every aspect of a flight there were many instances of attendees learning of how they can improve and enhance the customer experience. For example the presentation by Daniel Hulme (of On Air Dining) regarding in flight catering was extensive in demonstrating the attention to detail and challenges in making sure each client is served with the food they like, in the way they like, and the high security also required from the kitchen to the aircraft door required by the Department of Transport.  The presentation also highlighted how brokers can act directly with the catering company so that catering services can be optimised to suit client requirements and become an extra revenue stream.

The training day started with lunch provided by On Air Dining and was brought to a conclusion by BACA Chairman Tony Coe, he said that “the training day had been a brilliant introduction on to how to deliver the perfect flight experience. And it was not just for newer recruits to the industry, the presentations had featured ideas and concepts that some more experienced brokers could take away and implement.”

In closing Tony thanked all the presenters and especially BACA Council Member Emma Wilkinson, MD of The Charter Company, who had organised the training day.  Everyone agreed it had been a thoroughly worthwhile day and very helpful in learning about more in depth aspects of a charter flight.

The programme for the day was as follows;

Tony Coe, Chairman of BACA – introduction and welcome

Daniel James – Senior Associates at Stevens & Bolton LLP – Basic Contract Law

Phil Brockwell – CEO of Centreline Air Charter – The role of the FBO and Airport

Daniel Hulme – MD of On Air Dining – In flight Catering

Bernhard Fragner – CEO and Founder of GlobeAir – The role of the operator

Captain Adam Twidell – Pilot and CEO of – A day in the life of the crew

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