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BACA Chief Executive Role


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22nd August 2017

BACA Chief Executive Role

BACA is working harder than ever to deliver greater value to its members and we have now undertaken a number of projects suggested by you at our Symposium in May 2015.

This includes our participation in and co-hosting of ACE’17 – our first ever conference and exhibition, as well as the imminent incorporation of the association to a Company Limited by Guarantee. You might also like to see our latest Press Release, which has been well received.

All of this is fantastic, but as an association of volunteers and only one employee, resources are limited and we have reached a point where we feel the need to employ a Chief Executive. This will be initially for a part time role of 20 hours per week, on a fixed one year contract.

This role will require significant experience and understanding of the air charter market, and will need to be filled by a person who has a known presence that will allow them to command the respect of the membership, as well as external stakeholders at regulatory bodies, other associations and third party businesses, such as airlines.

The successful candidate will require the ability to lead and manage the affairs of the Association, to organise and deliver projects of significant complexity, to manage budgets and to communicate effectively.  Although the role carries a notional 20 hour requirement, there will need to be flexibility in delivery of those hours.  Additionally, this role might suit a person with a current presence in the market, but that person will need to liaise and agree with Council and the Chairman whether attendance at particular trade or other events is necessary to the role or whether attendance is in a private capacity or a mixture of the two.

If you are interested in this exciting position, please contact Richard Mumford at for further details.

Applications for the role will close on 8 September 2017

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