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Aviation Charter Ltd joins the prestigious ranks of ARGUS International Certified Brokers


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25th April 2019

Aviation Charter Ltd joins the prestigious ranks of ARGUS International Certified Brokers

London-based Aviation Charter (DBA Artist Charter) has attained ARGUS International ‘Certified’ charter broker status. The company joins an elite group of five European charter businesses, and only 12 worldwide. The certification is an important distinction for this small, independent, growing business.

The ARGUS International ‘standard’ was developed as a thorough and respected means by which aircraft charter brokers can demonstrate that they adhere to the highest standards of safety, service and industry best practice. Charter brokerage is a vastly unregulated sector of the business aviation industry today. No license, official qualifications or training are required to set up shop. Without such legal requirements, the sector is exposed to unethical practice, poor standards and creates an unstable commercial environment where rogue brokers may take advantage of ill-informed customers. 

That is why official recognition was so important to Aviation Charter. With ARGUS International accreditation, customers can make evidence-based purchasing decisions knowing that Aviation Charter has reached certain standards; and, significantly, is delivering safe, efficient, secure aviation transportation at a fair price.

“ARGUS International Certification allows us a globally recognised and respected mechanism to inform our clients of the high operating standards we adhere to and affirms our commitment to air charter safety and best practice.

“I am immensely proud to have achieved this accreditation and hope that it encourages other smaller charter brokerages to prove the standard to which they operate also. It can only be a good thing for the industry as it helps raise the bar in service provision and most importantly passengers can feel safe in the knowledge that the necessary due diligence has been carried out, before they board their aircraft,” comments Elliot Bottomley, Director, Aviation Charter.

Following its ARGUS International Registration period, the business was assessed via an in-depth, on-site audit. ARGUS International certified brokers are evaluated on many standards of excellence including aviation knowledge, brokering experience, industry rules

compliance, legal and ethical business practice, regulations knowledge, fiscal integrity and appropriate transparency through the transaction process. Most importantly perhaps, ARGUS International assesses the procedures Aviation Charter put in place to ensure passenger safety and security, due diligence undertaken surrounding aircraft and operator selection and due diligence procedures carried out pre and during charter performance. As an ARGUS International Certified broker, Aviation Charter has been officially evaluated against the 10 Standards of Excellence ARGUS International adheres to for auditing purposes, and now appears in the ARGUS International Cheq registry.

Potential charter customers can choose to work with a number of charter brokers from the directory with the confidence that the broker is conducting business to the highest levels. For customers who pay significant sums for charter services this is a valuable resource. For those on the list, it strengthens integrity amongst peers, instils trust with aircraft operators, and most importantly bolsters existing client confidence as well as acting as a barometer for potential new clients.

Following the rigorous audit, ARGUS International Vice President of Marketing and Sales Charles Cunningham said, “ARGUS International would like to congratulate Aviation Charter on attaining ARGUS International Certified Charter Broker Status. We believe that the movement of this incredibly important segment of the aviation community towards certification raises the tide for aviation safety across the entire industry. We wish Aviation Charter continued safety and success in the aircraft charter market.” 

Chairman of BACA – The Air Charter Association Nick Weston congratulated Aviation Charter on its recent ARGUS International Certified Broker accreditation, “The programme, endorsed by BACA, provides an independent way for professional charter brokers to demonstrate their compliance with industry best practices following a successful audit with ARGUS International.”

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