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Important Information for Members


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29th June 2016

Important Information for Members

We have recently become aware of a company posing as a broker based in London, called Alfa Aviation, who has booked and successfully chartered a number of flights to and from Rome, without payment.

The company typically books a roundtrip charter for “VIP Ambassadors” between Amsterdam / Dusseldorf and Rome, sends the operator a copy of a supposed bank transfer, but in each instance, funds fail to arrive. The aircraft booked vary in type, but a number of companies have lost a sizeable amount of money to this company.

We thank the members concerned very much for alerting BACA to this situation and we would like to stress to all our members to be very aware of who you are dealing with. This is a matter of grave concern, in terms of security, as well as financial loss.

Please research all new customers who make enquiries with you; look at the company website, check the enquiry is legitimate and most importantly, do not operate a flight without cleared funds in place.

If you know of any similar occurrences, have received any suspicious requests or have any further information on the matter, please get in touch with us at

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