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Illegal charter operations


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9th March 2015

Illegal charter operations

Dear BACA Member,

For those in the VIP/Business Jet charter market, you will all know about the illegal and grey charters that have been taking place over the years, and is a practice that is on the increase.

For those brokers who are still unsure, any charter that is paid for by a client or person(s), other than the owner of the aircraft, must only charter an aircraft that operates under an AOC issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the country of aircraft registration.  If the operator does not have an AOC, the operation of a paid charter flight will constitute an illegal charter.  Not only that, it is likely that such a practice will nullify any Insurance cover.

Along with the CAA, and their partnership with EASA, we now hope to be able to oversee this practice and monitor what is going on, where, and by whom!

To do that, we need our members’ feedback please.

If you aware of an operator that regularly operates illegal flights, or is quoting you to do so; or you know of a particular flight that is about to take place, can we please ask that you tell us (BACA) immediately, giving us fullest information:
names, operator, aircraft registration, date, airport, etc etc.  We will then coordinate directly with the CAA.

We are aware that one or two members have made direct contact with CAA on these matters, but it is far better, and we will get much more cooperation, if we do this as an Association.  Please let us know if such an incident occurs.

All advices, please, to:

Thank you everyone for trying to make our business safer!

Tony Coe, Chairman

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