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Webinar with UK Department for Transport and CAA


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28th December 2020

Webinar with UK Department for Transport and CAA

29th December 2020 at 1430 UTC

Following on from our unique member’s webinar with the UK’s DfT and CAA just before Christmas we are pleased to announce that we managed to secure a further webinar over the Christmas period following the release of the detail of the Trade Deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom .

It is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Tuesday 29th December. The DfT will be represented by the Lead Negotiator for Aviation and the CAA by David Kendrick.

Given the key impact this will have on Fifth Freedom ‘Cabotage’ flights for UK operators within the EU Member States, and regardless of whether you are a member of our association or not we would like to send you an open invite to join as a UK AOC holder so that you are able to hear from, and ask questions of, the regulators on how this will impact your operations in four day’s time.

We have also opened this session up to other trade bodies, so you may already have heard from them, but we just want to make sure you are aware it’s taking place so you don’t miss the opportunity.

If you would like us to send you the link to attend, please email:

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