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Stratajet announces consumer launch date


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2nd September 2015

Stratajet announces consumer launch date

Stratajet, a real time online booking engine for private aviation, has reached its target number of aircraft available on the platform, providing the critical mass to enable the company to launch its product to the end user. The company has announced that from 28th September 2015 it will be rolling out its unique technology to the consumer.

Stratajet has been undergoing an intensive campaign of meetings with charter operators and FBOs across Europe in an effort to promote its technology and to gain access to aircraft and associated pricing. During the campaign, named Operation Long Reach, the Stratajet team set out to attract operators to link their operations software with Stratajet’s own system, resulting in the potential pricing of up to 500 available aircraft. The end of this first phase of populating the technology with live pricing information has resulted in a robust and effective online booking platform providing instant and accurately priced trips that can be purchased by the consumer.

Commenting on the success of Operation Long Reach, Stratajet CEO, Jonny Nicol said “Following an exhausting few months, flying around Europe in our Chieftain aircraft, it is very rewarding to be able to confirm that we have hit our targets in relation to the number and range of aircraft available on the Stratajet platform. The positive response we received throughout the campaign has proven what we knew all along – that the industry needs this technological development in order to grow.” Nicol added, “I think one of our greatest achievements is that we have gained the understanding from the operators that other companies, claiming to do what Stratajet does, are simply not delivering”.
Operation Long Reach, which began in April 2015, has seen Stratajet create mutually beneficial partnerships with a wide range of pan European charter operators and FBOs. The team met with over 50 operators and FBOs and covered 30 cities in 14 countries. Stratajet had made the commitment to operators of a free to use sales software platform, known as Stratafleet, which enables them to make use of all of the benefits of Stratajet’s pricing engines for their internal quotes which will in turn lead to increased efficiency of how their capacity is sold. This concept was widely embraced by operators and FBOs throughout the campaign.

Stratajet will be continuing Operation Long Reach by welcoming more European operators onto its platform and by driving its USA campaign in Las Vegas at NBAA this year. More operator and FBO meetings will follow in the USA, Middle East and Russia in an effort to further increase the geographical reach of its product.

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