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Event Sustainability

Event Sustainability

Thank you for attending the 2024 Air Charter Association Spring Lunch, a Carbon Neutral Event

Our Sustainability Measures to make this a Carbon Neutral Event:

–  Your travel carbon emissions have been offset.

–  The use of  Guildhall and its carbon emissions has been calculated and offset.

–  The catering for the Spring Lunch will be provided by Party Ingredients who have a comprehensive sustainability policy that is available to view here.

–  The menu consists primarily of locally sourced produce, including the majority of fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and dairy. Additionally Party Ingredients only use British-harvested rapeseed oil in cooking, British-milled flour for all baking and British meat and poultry.

– As always we will be using reusable badges for the event and would be grateful if guests could kindly return these at the designated points upon exiting the venue.


The ACA takes an active role on sustainability and as such we have ensured that this year’s Spring Lunch at London Guildhall will be a carbon neutral event. In cooperation with our sustainability partner 4AIR, we have calculated and offset the carbon emissions for a total amount of 25mtCO₂e, which can be broken down into 3mtCO₂e for the venue footprint and 22mtCO₂e for all attendees’ travel. All carbon emissions will be covered through investment into a Gold Standard European project. To calculate the carbon footprint of the Spring Lunch we have used specific data gathered from the 2023 Air Charter Excellence Awards, taking into account the venue energy and water consumption, waste, as well as our attendees travel to and from the event.

The autumn Air Charter Excellence Awards generated a total carbon footprint of 27mtCO₂e, which was offset in part by the venue, and the remaining 25mtCO₂e by investing in a UK based woodland project accredited by the UK Carbon Code. The project will establish an area of native woodland for conservation and biodiversity, located within the Cairngorms National Park. View our sustainability certificate, accredited by 4AIR here. While The ACA is a global organisation, we felt that being based in London, it was appropriate to invest initially in a UK based project. However, we will be supporting a range of global sustainability projects, with further details to come this year.

View The ACA Sustainability Guide for more information about sustainability in the air charter industry.

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