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1. The name of the Association is ‘The Air Charter Association Limited’.

2. The office of the Association is situated at 38 St Mary Axe, London, England.

3. The aims and objectives of the Association are:

(a) To be the representative forum of the air charter industry.

(b) To be accepted by governmental and other regulatory agencies as the accredited  negotiating body representing the air charter industry.

(c) To promote the interests of its members world-wide:

i. By the encouragement of networking between the members, to strengthen their ability in the air charter market and, by such means, to encourage the development of this market.

ii. By actively persuading governments, other agencies, carriers and airports towards encouraging air charter business.

(d) To provide membership to any organisation or individual who can demonstrate the following:

i. Active participation in the air charter market.

ii. Commercial integrity.

iii. Acceptable financial standing.

iv. Occupational competency.

(e) To provide both professional and social facilities for members.

(f) To promote and protect the reputation of the Association

(g) To institute, promote, support or oppose legislative or other measures affecting the interests of members of the Association

(h) To assist with commercial mediation if required by members.

(i) To furnish such advice and assistance to members in pursuance of any of the above objects as the Council of the Association may, at its discretion, consider as necessary or expedient.

(j) To provide professional advice as requested on such terms and conditions as the Council may from time to time decide.