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Important message to members about illegal operators


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5th September 2016

Important message to members about illegal operators

As all of our members are aware, it is important to uphold the highest standards of market conduct when selecting operators to fly our clients on charter.  It is vital to be sure that any operator conducting flights within the EU is properly authorised with a valid, current and relevant AOC and EASA authorisation.  Whilst we are certain that the vast majority of operators proudly uphold those requirements and put the safety and the integrity of their service as their paramount business drivers, it has come to our attention that there are one or more operators who may be marketing aircraft within the EU without the appropriate AOC or authorisation.  Our members will be fully aware of the potential consequences of a commercial flight being flown without the appropriate AOC and authorisation. To remind ourselves, just because an aircraft has an AOC from a country outside of the EU, that does not necessarily entitle that operator to conduct flights into or around the EU without EASA authorisation. Flights that are operated without the necessary AOC, authorisations or permits are likely to be flown in breach of insurance provisions and are illegal.

We strongly encourage all members to report any suspected illegal flights to us and to the CAA immediately and prior to any such flight being operated.

Our strong advice to members is to take just a moment to ensure that every operator is genuinely authorised to conduct any flight for which you seek to charter their aircraft.  Do not simply take assurances from those operators at face value.  In that way, both legitimate brokers and operators can help to maintain and raise standards of market conduct.

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