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Fraud attempt


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2nd March 2016

Fraud attempt

We have received the following from a BACA Broker member, for which we thank them very much.

Same message as always – be very very aware of who and what you are dealing with – Passports, proof of address, reason for travel, etc etc.

“I forward you valuable information on a 17 year old – Bartosz Iwanec (email, who has defrauded brokers and operators in the past, and continues trying to do so. He is well know by Police after several attempts at reserving private jets, as well as travelling by private jets without paying. The business aviation community (Europe and USA) should be made aware of him by name, so nobody else gets financially hurt.  He gave us an address in Norway, but it’s fake.  However, given the routings, we can assume he is based there. He uses USA and European Brokers alike. We never had any financial guarantee from him on this particular trip, so did not book, but he tries until he finds someone less vigilant.  Meanwhile we wasted our time and more importantly, operators’ time, which we could have all done without”.



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