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Engineering accreditation for Cello Aviation


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4th July 2014

Engineering accreditation for Cello Aviation

VIP Charter carrier Cello Aviation has earned a 145 certificate enabling it to undertake maintenance and engineering work on aircraft in the BAE and RJ family.

The accreditation means that Cello is now able to undertake maintenance both on its own fleet and also on a contract basis for other carriers operating this type of aircraft.

Cello Aviation is based in Birmingham and operates a BAE 146 and RJ 85 undertaking both VIP charter and also working for scheduled airlines

Its 145 accreditation is an important step for the company enabling it to look after its own fleet and undertaking work that would previously have had to be sub contracted.

But it also means that Cello can provide engineering services to other operators. This is in line with the company’s diversification into being a provider of a range of aviation services.

Whilst VIP charter remains at the core of the business Cello has been expanding in ACMI work as well as proving aircraft ferrying services to aircraft owners and leasing companies.

The carrier also provides aircraft management.

The 145 accreditation has been achieved thanks to the efforts of Steve Oxford its head of engineering. “It is another step in the growth of the business both as a carrier a provider of a range of aviation based services,” said Nim Baines, chief executive of Cello Aviation.

Cello Aviation operates all over Europe and is based at Birmingham Airport. It is part of the Gill Group of companies based in West Bromwich.

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