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Cyber safety message from BACA


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9th October 2017

Cyber safety message from BACA

It is BACA’s intention to alert members to the serious and increasing threat of cyber-crime in the industry.

While this has been a problem for some time, the escalation of attacks over the past year is quite alarming.  This seems to be a co-ordinated campaign targeting business aviation operators and brokers for significant sums of money.  In some incidences the attacks have originated through the use of the email and system accounts of current or recently departed employees.

Some of the most dangerous forms of cyber-crime to businesses are “phishing” and “spooling”, where emails pretend to be from a trusted source, such as a bank or known supplier, and / or include a forged header so that the message appears to have come from a legitimate source.

A number of BACA members have recently reported to us incidents where customers and suppliers have received emails appearing to have been sent by them, but of course have been cleverly designed by cyber criminals. An example of what such an email might look like is shown below.

In 2016 BACA held one of its most successful training days to date, sponsored by Kroll, the leading global provider of risk solutions. You can read a presentation from Kroll which gives insight into the risks, types of crime and recommendations for protecting your business. Also available to download here are notes from the training day with invaluable information for our members BACA Training Notes – Cyber Security.

To prevent becoming a victim of email phishing or spoofing, BACA urges members to keep all antimalware and virus protection up to date and to always contact the sender by telephone before divulging any sensitive or financial information.

If you have any concerns or wish to report an incident to BACA, please email







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