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The Air Charter industry offers a wide range of careers choices, whether you’re just starting out, seeking a new challenge or looking to grow your existing aviation career in a different direction.

The Air Charter Association supports a number of charitable ventures to make aviation more accessible to more people so that we are able to provide great career opportunities for everyone.

Charter Brokers

The Air Charter Association was founded in 1949 to represent the interests of Air Charter Brokers, the experts who were able to secure the right aircraft for each specific requirement.

Charter Brokers are an integral part of the charter industry, providing expert opinion, knowledge and technical knowhow for customers to work with to find the perfect response to their individual need.

Broking is essentially the same business as it was 70 years ago, and although the advent of technology has streamlined the processes and ways aircraft are sourced, ultimately it remains a people-based industry with expert knowledge being an integral part of guiding clients to the right solution.

Sales and business development skills are important, being approachable and knowledgeable with a willingness to learn about a relatively highly technical industry are key. Careers in the broking industry come with good career progression, great rewards, opportunities to travel and to develop a whole range of business skills as well as working with interesting customers and team members.

Aircraft Operators

There are numerous roles on the operating side of the industry, from the more obvious such as pilots and cabin crew, through engineers and ramp agents, to operations controllers, dispatchers, safety and compliance management, through training management, regulatory affairs roles and post holding responsibility and in every other area in between.

The licensing requirements of pilots and engineers are relatively technical and vary slightly around the globe, so we’d encourage you to visit your local Aviation Authority for more information on how to start your career.