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CAA Leaflet regarding illegal charter flights


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27th February 2014

CAA Leaflet regarding illegal charter flights

CAA Actions to Prevent Illegal Public Transport

From time to time, the CAA is made aware that flights which are considered to be illegal public transport may be taking place. The CAA is seriously concerned by the possibility that eventually there will be an accident involving one of these illegal operations and that a member of the public will either be injured or killed.

The CAA continues to investigate specific complaints made by Air Operator Certificate holders who are concerned that their considerable investment in complying with the relevant safety requirements is being compromised by illegal operators.

A leaflet entitled ‘Is My Flight Legal? – A Guide to the Air Operator Certificate’ is available here;

Legal to Fly

The leaflet encourages passengers to check that their operator holds the required AOC. The CAA website has been amended to include an up-to-date list of UK AOC holders, and contact numbers for the Department for Transport (DfT) have been published on the leaflet to enable passengers also to enquire about foreign operators.

The leaflet has been distributed widely, and AOC holders should advise the Flight Operations Strategy Department via if they require additional copies. CAA staff who interface directly with the industry and the public also carry a small supply. All these organisations are encouraged to use the leaflet appropriately to publicise the AOC and to support the CAA in its efforts to reduce the number of illegal public transport flights taking place.

BACA member brokers should also find the contents of great value.

You can check a UK AOC online at:

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