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16th December 2020

Brexit Resources

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We are urging all UK AOC holder members to urgently reach out to the Aviation Authorities of the EU member states, to understand what they need to do specifically to continue to operate commercial flights after the 1st January 2021.

As an example, we refer you to the Spanish AIP which requires Third Country commercial operators flying into Spanish territory more than three times in each IATA Summer and Winter season (in business aviation this might not be as widely understood, but essentially the six month period March-October) to hold an Accreditation from the Spanish State Agency for Air Safety.  To clarify, this is an additional requirement from Spain and unrelated to the EASA Third Country Operator approval. If you hold the EASA TCO it does not remove the requirement to hold this separate Spanish approval.

This approval can take up to 1 MONTH to obtain.

Currently, we are aware of a similar requirement in Poland but it is taking time to collate this information.  In Ireland, the EASA TCO is accepted on its own, however a permit will need to be obtained for any non-scheduled AOC operations. The lead time for this is 48 hours, meaning that go-now operations are likely to be severely curtailed.

We sincerely hope that before the end of the transition process, there is a light bulb moment in the negotiations and some more practical approach is agreed. However, we strongly urge you as UK AOC Holders, if you wish to operate into EU Member States after 1st January 2021, to ensure you have researched everything you need to know about the requirements for Third Country Operator operations in the specific countries you visit.

If you have any specific questions or need assistance, please email us at



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